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Waldron and Wright Township



Waldron Households 1957-60

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Nov. 29, 1957, to April 12, 1958
April 19, 1958, to Aug. 30, 1958
Sept. 9, 1958, to Jan. 17, 1959
Jan. 24, 1959, to June 6, 1959
June 6, 1959, to Oct. 17, 1959
Oct. 24, 1959, to Feb. 27, 1960
March 5, 1960, to July 16, 1960
July 23, 1960, to Oct. 1, 1960

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From late 1957 through late 1960 Dennis C. Fait and later his brother Gary L. Fait delivered The Hillsdale Daily News to Waldron residents. At that time a week's subscription (six days) cost 35 cents and they each earned about a penny per paper per day. Waldron had a population of 454 in the 1960 census.


The lists of names and addresses appearing here are from the booklets where they kept track of who had paid for their subscription each week.

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