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Waldron and Wright Township


If you don't see a link to at, it's not because we didn't ask...politely...twice.

Mosherville, Michigan

Prattville High School Added to Site

June 14, 2010 — Although we have information on only one class, we decided to start a section on The Wright Place for the Prattville High School.


At this time we have absolutely no idea of what the school colors or nickname were. We've selected blue as a color for now because if we selected no color you wouldn't be able to see this. If you know the color(s) or nickname, please contact us.


Our incentive for starting this section were pictures supplied by Richard Harbaugh of South Lyon, Mich.


If you have any pictures or information on PHS graduating classes or old pictures of Prattville, please contact us.


In any case, please check back occasionally because we have Prattville pictures yet to post here.


Histories of Wright, Waldron

Dec. 12, 2009 — Histories and maps of Wright Township and the village of Waldron have been added. You may select "History" from the "Misc" menu, above left, or click here.


Pictures of the Waldron Business District

Take a look at how the Waldron business district appeared in 2006.


Class of 2008 Needed

June 14, 2009 — We will be unable to scan the senior pictures for the Class of 2008.


If you can scan the senior pictures in the yearbook for inclusion on this web site, please contact the of


New Host for is now being hosted by a new server, This should fix the problems we've been having with accessing the web site.


Waldron Households Fifty Years Ago

Jan. 1, 2008 — Who lived in your house 50 years ago? Who lived in Waldron 50 years ago?


Lists of most of the households in Waldron from 1957 to 1960 can be seen here.


The lists are taken from the subscription payment booklets of the Hillsdale Daily News paper route delivery boys at that time. Waldron had a population of 454 in the 1960 census.


Student Pictures Are Still At Their Usual Pages

Dec. 29, 2007 — The main page for the Waldron Area High School graduating student pictures can still be found here.


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